Quotes About God’s Goodness

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Here is an inspiring collection of quotes about God’s goodness to remind us of the grace, peace and love that He offers to us all. Quotes About God’s Goodness But as for me, how good is it to be near God! I have made the Sovereign Lord my shelter, and I will tell everyone about … Read more

Bible Verses About Death

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Bible verses about death can give us strength and encouragement at the worst of times. Death comes to us all, but losing someone is still one of the worst experiences that life brings. And during difficult times, the bible can offer us hope, guidance and inspiration. We hope you find this collection of bible verses … Read more

Bible Verses About Mothers

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Bible verses about mothers express in a timeless way just what a mother means and how you should love and treat her. Of course, we celebrate our mothers on Mother’s Day in particular, but you should let your mother know just how much you appreciate her and all she does for you whenever you can. … Read more

Scriptures On Comfort

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Scriptures on comfort can help us through difficult times. At times life can be tough and we may be down and disheartened, or we may be going through times of sorrow. Whatever the reason for our suffering, we can take great solace in comforting bible verses. With that in mind, we hope this collection of … Read more

Bible Verses About Family

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Bible verses about family are a source of inspiration and a reminder to appreciate what we have. Our families are the most important things in our lives. They are there to provide us with comfort and support when we need it, and to share our joy in happier times. It’s no coincidence that the church … Read more

Abraham Hicks Quotes & Sayings

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Abraham Hicks quotes or Esther Hicks quotes? Esther Hicks is an American author and public speaker who, along with her husband Jerry Hicks, organizes inspirational workshops and cruises. According to Esther Hicks, her books are “translated from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.” Her most well known book is “The Law of Attraction” which she … Read more

Myles Munroe Quotes And Sayings

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Myles Munroe quotes and sayings are some of the most inspirational quotes you’ll find anywhere. Munroe was an evangelistic Christian who founded Bahamas Faith Ministries International. He was a prolific author, writing over 60 books, and a renowned preacher and public speaker but created controversy with his views and statements about gay rights. He and … Read more

Gordon B Hinckley Quotes And Sayings

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Many people still find inspiration in Gordon B Hinckley quotes and sayings. Hinckley was the president of the Mormon Church (officially called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), who lived from 1910 to 2008. He was the oldest president, succeeding at the age of 84. Here is a selection of his best quotes … Read more

Smith Wigglesworth Quotes And Sayings

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Smith Wigglesworth quotes and sayings remain popular even today. Wigglesworth is known as the Apostle of Faith. He was an English evangelist and preacher who was originally a plumber but became a world-wide evangelist following his baptism at the age of 48. He was one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal revival. Wigglesworth was born … Read more

Padre Pio Quotes And Sayings

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Padre Pio quotes and sayings are a source of comfort and inspiration to many. Pio was an Italian priest and friar of the Roman Catholic Order Of Friars Minor Capuchin, who bore the signs of stigmata. He lived from 1887 to 1968 and was canonized (made a saint) in 2002, by Pope John Paul II. … Read more

Henri Nouwen Quotes And Sayings

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Henri Nouwen quotes and sayings remain very popular to this day. Nouwen was a Dutch Catholic priest and writer who lived from 1932 until 1996. He wrote over thirty books and many more articles, many of which covered themes of loneliness, depression and the need for deep personal connections. Other common themes, of course, were … Read more